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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The "Grate" Pizza Experiment Begins

I miss pizza! My husband especially misses pizza. This has been our major vice and ultimate temptation since going veg: cheese pizza from Moroni's restaurant, extra well-done.

Knowing how unhealthy cheese is for the body, the cows and the planet, I've embarked on a mission; to create a master list if amazing veg-friendly pizza recipes.

2 nights ago we had a tasty one and I didn't take a picture. I used a prepared thin crust, YoSo onion and garlic creamy spread, tomato bruschetta and thin asparagus spears. It was so tasty!

I am expecting a shipment from with Teese and Daiya cheeses, the two most touted vegan pizza cheeses. Recipes and reviews to follow!


  1. Hey Melissa, Patti here, This is my my first visit here, and I am blown away by the visuals on entry! Wow! Love it. I've only gotten as far as reading about your pizza, and had to comment. MUST send this to Lauren, who is mourning the loss of cheese and pizza, and to Jenna as well.
    I'll definitely keep your site handy and treat them when they come to visit. Nice to have tasted your excellent fare, and know that all recipes here have passed by Pete's & your test buds!!!

  2. I am so excited that you can get Daiya in Ontario, I was already mourning my loss! Have you had it before? It's awesome!

  3. Yes, I've had to order it from VivaGranola, a vegan site in Montreal. They ship it pretty quick. I love it for pizz, but I even love it all by itself! It's so good!